Hop Brook Lake – Middlebury, CT Bethany Veterans Memorial Park – Bethany, CT (Summer)                                                                                            (Spring & Fall)

The marks have been removed from Bethany and the 2017 racing season is done.  See you in the spring …

NEWS/Upcoming Events ...

As mentioned below in the Annual Meeting report, the EC-12 is now an official class at the HMYC.  We currently have 10 members in the club with EC-12s and we will be sailing the EC-12s monthly on Saturdays and we will be hosting a two-day regatta in October at Bethany.  If you have an interest in the EC-12 you can contact Don Ouimette who is the fleet captain and the contact information can be found under the “Officers” tab.

The club held our annual business meeting at the Huntington Branch Library in Shelton, CT on November 18, 2018.  There were twelve members in attendance and a variety of topics were discussed and voted on.  The club had a very good year and our membership has grown significantly.  The following is a brief summary of what was discussed.

  1. The years financial accounting was discussed and approved (not included here)
  2. The Club Charter was amended to change the time of the annual business meeting from “January or February” to “Fall or Winter prior to the next season and after new officers have been elected”.
  3. The Club Charter was amended to change the Annual Award Banquet time from “Annual December Dinner” to “Annual Fall Awards Banquet”
  4. It was discussed and approved to replace all mark chain with new galvanized chain.
  5. The website was discussed in that we were required to move our website to a new host.  We have been having it hosted for free in the past.  Therefore, the website was moved to Godaddy and now cost $60/yr for hosting and $10/yr for domain name registration.
  6. The EC-12 class was discussed in that we now have ten members with EC-12s so it was proposed and approved to add the EC-12 to the club’s boat classes.  They will be sailed monthly on Saturdays and all members are invited to join the class.
  7. 2018 Regattas were discussed
    1. The club will be hosting the US1M National Championship Regatta on September 22-23, 2018 at Bethany
    2. The club will host the Seawind Region 1 Championship Regatta on July 14th, 2018 at Hop Brook lake
    3. The club will start a new tradition of hosting an Annual Soling Regatta for region 1 and the first one with be a two day regatta on June 9-10, 2018 at Hop Brook Lake
    4. The club will host an EC12 two day regatta on October 14-15, 2018 at Bethany Veterans Park
  8. The first draft of the 2018 Spring/Summer/Fall racing schedule was discussed and a tentative copy is now on the website under “Racing Series/2018/Racing Schedule – 2018”.  This schedule may be update over the winter so don’t ever print the schedule.  Always consult the website to be sure you get the latest version of the schedule.
  9. It was proposed to have a “Practice” race day that can be used for racing practice and mentoring.  It was mentioned that both the spring and fall racing are always available for practice and mentoring.  It was agreed to try having a practice day on Tuesday afternoons.  This will be tried at the beginning of the summer season and will continue only if there is enough participation.


The club had a great time at the Annual Awards Banquet at the Blue Goose restaurant in Stratford (11-11-17).  The dinner was excellent but the best part was being together with all our sailing friends as we close the 2017 season.  Awards were given for all of the respective class series for both the weekday and weekend series.  All results can be found on the respective class racing series pages.

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