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The 2019 racing schedule is now posted under the standard “Racing Series/2019/2019 Racing Schedule” tab.  This is a “Tentative” schedule.  As always, you should always use the website as the “DEFINITIVE” reference for schedule information as it is the club source for the most up-to-date information.  If you print it out you, are likely to get wrong information if the schedule has to change for whatever reason.

The HMYC has voted in the DragonFlite95 class to replace the Seawind class.  This an exciting and great sailing “Ready to Sail” boat that has quickly become the third largest class in the AMYA.  We’ll start racing them in the spring and it will be part of our regular summer series.  We will also hold an AMYA regatta for it sometime next season.  You can see what they are like under “Boats We Sail” on the right side of this page and by visiting the site at www.radiosailing.net.  We already have 6 or 7 members in the club that have them so ask Santa for one to get it under the tree at Christmas 🙂 

The club held the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday November 17th at the Huntington Branch Library in Shelton.  A quick summary of what was discussed and decided on is as follows.

  1. The club is in good shape financially due to successful regattas and due to the generosity of our deceased sailing friend and club member Ken Bauser.  Ken’s wishes were to pass his equipment and supplies on to the club of which members could take and make donations to the club.
  2. The past season pros and cons were discussed to see if improvements can be made for next year.
    1. The club membership was up significantly this year (34 members) and participation was up slightly.  Ideas were discussed to improve participation but no definitive ideas were solidified.
    2. It was suggested to have tune up racing before each of our regattas and we decided to try this next year.
    3. The Tuesday “Mentoring” program was discussed in that it fizzled out quickly due to lack of participation.  It was suggested that we try doing it after racing on a standard race day so we will see if we can get that working.  It was reiterated that the Spring and Fall sailing is all a mentoring session for anyone that wants to come and race though very few people take advantage of it.  The club has a beautiful sailing venue at Bethany that all club members should take advantage of as it extends the sailing season by four months.
  3. New Business
    1. It was discussed and voted on to replace the rusting buoy chain with stainless steel chain.
    2. A discussion was held on replacing the Seawind class with the DragonFlite95 class.  A motion was made and voted on and the motion was passed to replace the Seawind class with the DragonFlite95 in the club.
    3. A discussion was held on replacing the series trophies with achievement certificates.  A motion was made and voted on and the motion did not pass.
    4. A motion was made to purchase a battery for the electric motor on the club dinghy and it was passed.
    5. A discussion was held to continue holding AMYA regattas for each class the club sails.  It was agreed to continue to hold these regattas.  The specifics of these regattas need to be discussed with other clubs in our region as to whether these will be regional championships or not before these dates are finalized.
    6. A tentative 2019 schedule was distributed and discussed.  Everyone needs to carefully look this over and get back to the commodore of any conflicts or errors are found.
    7. It was discussed that the dues for membership will remain at $20

The club held our annual Awards Banquet at the Blue Goose restaurant in Stratford on Sunday (10-28-18).  We had a very good turnout and everyone had a great time as we closed out the 2018 sailing season.  We all took a moment to honor and remember the passing of our friend and fellow member Ken Bauser.  Awards were given out for the summer racing series and those results can be seen under the “Racing Series” tab.  A new and special award now called the “Commodores Discretionary Award” was given to Freddie Schneider for exemplary service to the club and for his commitment to racing by participating in 53 out of 54 races this season.

A slate of officers was nominated and voted in to run the club for the 2019 season.  The officers for 2019 are:

Don Ouimette - Commodore
Fred Goebel - Vice Commodore
Kenichi Tatsuno - Rear Commodore
Freddie Schneider - Secretary
Randy Carreira - Treasurer

Dick Chandler was awarded a club “Service Award” for all his years of service as the club Treasurer.  Thank you Dick!

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The club hosted the EC12 “Fall Classic” regatta on Saturday and Sunday (10-13 & 10-14) and the regatta was a great success.  See the complete results under the “Regattas/2018/EC12 Regattas” tab.

1st Place - Don Ouimette
2nd Place - Brian Kerrigan
3rd Place - Rob Hill
4th Place - Jim Godard
5th Place Bob "Boots" Boutlier


It is with deep sadness that we must report the loss of our friend and club member Ken Bauser.  Ken had been a long time HMYC member as well as an accomplished sailmaker (KB Sails).  Ken was always very giving of his time and advice to anyone interested in sailing.  He will be missed by all…



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